Wednesday, June 6, 2007

"Tying Up the Camel"

When you begin to use your mind to create your world as you want it to be it is up to you tie the camel!

What do I mean?

For me it was pretty darn hard to realize I actually have to do something myself!
(believe it or not)

I was trusting the universe to bring everything to me without me doing anything!

I thought that if I trust and believe and know that I will have what I want, that´s enough!

you know, I studied lots of spiritual stuff (books etc.) and got false belief that all I need to do is sit and wait and God or universe or higher power will literally manifest all I want while I sit and watch TV! (It can actually happen by the way believe or not!)

I know, I know...

God or universe or higher power will actually bring you anything you want...
...but you have to go half-way there!

You need to do your part, or , Tie Up the Camel.

Ask your inner voice. It will answer what you should do.

Then go and do it...With trust...And you will get what you want!

"Tie up the camel, then trust God"


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