Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"The Source Of All Creation e-book finally available!"

It has been two long years...

I finished writing "The source of all creation" in june 2005. was before this big fuzz about "the secret" was before everyone was talking about "the law of attraction"...
So, my book isn`t another side product of the law of attraction thing.

(actually, you can call the source of all creation god, creator, the law of attraction or anything you want...)

I have kept my book unpublished for two years.
Basically I´ve had my excuses like "What people say of my book?" and "are people ready for this book?"

excuse after excuse...

But still, every day I felt almost "haunted" for not publishing "the source of all creation" e-book.

It was not long ago when I decided "What the heck, I will put this book out anyway!"
I pushed all my excuses away and...

...Now it`s published!

I´m so relieved and excited!

I know that the message in this book will create good and positive in the world and that`s why I wrote "the Source of all creation" e-book;
To grow and to expand life, consciousness and awareness

But what is "the Source of all creation" e-book about?

"The Source Of All Creation" e-book tells you How to use your unlimited power to create the life you dream of!"

"YOU have the power to create unlimited abundance in your life! You are connected to the Source that has created Universe, Stars and Planets, Life in all forms and everything that exists and you have the same power to create as well!"

Give me your biggest and boldest dream...and I´ll give you the "tools" to achieve it!

This is what Bob wanted to say about my book:

"Lauri Niskasaari has written a very concise and extremely powerful work that gives each and everyone of us the "tools" to achieve anything. Never before have I thought myself as a "creator". Now I fully understand that I have the power and have always had the power to create my life rather than just live my life. Well done !!!"

-Bob Rush
Marshall, VA

"There is only one Source of All Creation that has created EVERYTHING there is! You are part of this Source and connected to it."

You know what that means?

"You have the same power to create as well!"

"You have unlimited power!"

"Yes, YOU!"

What ever you want you can have! In fact you should have it all! Not some of you want, not little of what you want but ALL YOU WANT!

You deserve everything you dream of and more, and you will have it all, if you know how to use your unlimited power!

That`s why I wrote this life-changing book:

"The Source of All Creation"

You should be totally happy with your life!

You may say "Yes, but"...

"I don`t have enough money to live my dream"

"I don`t have any luck"

"I´m not educated"

"I live in wrong location"

"I`m not wise enough to get what I want"

"I don`t know How to get what I want"

"Maybe I could have what I want...BUT ___________(fill in the blank)

Everything you come up with is an excuse! Remember, You have unlimited power to create what you want!
All you need to do is use that power!

Once you begin to use "The Source Of All Creation" e-book, you have all the tools to change your life!

With The Source of all creation e-book:

* You can create unlimited amount of wealth!

* You can create unlimited "luck"! (It´s not really luck, it`s only you using your unlimited power to create!)

* You get connected to all-knowing Source and get ALL the information you need!

* You can attract the people and circumstances you need, no matter where you live!

* You learn you don`t need to know how to get things you want. The way will be made for you!

* You can literally start with nothing and out of nothing you will "magically" create everything you want!

available at

I`m so proud of this book and I know its message will change the world!

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